Almond Meringue Cookies

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    • Dec 16 Fri 2016 11:30

    • Almond Meringue Cookies

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    This "almond protein cake" does not contain fat and egg yolk. It does not use baking soda or baking powder. It is a cracker made from protein and almond powder. The material is very simple and its taste is crispy. Take a sip.

    Almond Meringue Cookies


    Practice: Video Edition (subscribe to my video channel [Princess Linda's kitchen notes]: https://googl/5a7zMG)

    Text version:

    1. Preheat the oven at 180°C (355°F) and bake baking paper

    2. Sift low-gluten flour, almond powder and sugar powder, and set aside

    3. After the protein is fluffy, add the fine sugar twice and hit the dry foam.

    4. The screened dry material is mixed twice in the protein cream and mixed with invisible dry powder in a gentle manner.

    5. Push a 0.8 cm flat mouth squeezer into the crowded bag and load the batter into it

    6. Extrude approximately 12cm long strips and sprinkle almond horns

    7. Bake at 180°C (355°F) for 8 minutes, turn the pan over, cool to 150°C (300°F) and bake for another 20 minutes until the macaroons are colored

    8. Melt the chocolate in the water and squeeze it in the cool biscuits

    Initially baked at a higher temperature setting, then lower the temperature slowly to dry the water, baked almond protein cake golden crispy non-stick teeth, if the biscuits are a bit soft to eat, the middle a bit sticky, a bit similar to the taste of Macronol , it means that baking is not enough, it does not matter, then put it into the oven and roast at 150 °C for a few minutes, let cool.

    The surface decoration chocolate can be used in other flavors, such as white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, etc. It can also be used without chocolate. The almond cake can be very delicious and delicious, but I think it tastes better with chocolate.

    There isn’t much to write about today, because the keynotes of the reminder are all said.

    The following Q&A is a question for netizens who have left a message on the powder. I try to answer as much as I know. If there are any inadequacies or errors, I would like to add a message. I will update it again:

    Q: What can I do with the remaining egg yolk? Can I attach a linked recipe?

    A: There are many desserts made with egg yolks, such as puddings, biscuits, Niu Ke Si Dian, cakes, tiramisu, etc. The recipes should be searched by Google yourself and you will run out of the library. To make this almond protein cake, I use it as the remaining protein of "Costa Sauce." "Costa Sauce" can be used to make many dessert insets. These are the Cassida sauce applications I have written. Recipes:

    Chocolate Kista spiral bread (self-made spiral mold)

    Cassida Fresh Cream Bread

    Japanese vanilla cream puff

    French Lightning Puff

    Strawberry Tower

    Q: Will the preservation method be crispy on ice?

    A: I haven't tried it on ice, because it was eaten at room temperature for two or three days. If you want to ice up, don't worry about the ice will not be crisp, if not crisp, then put it back to the oven to bake It's crisp in minutes.

    Q: Some people do not like almond flavor. What should be replaced with better?

    A: Many people will misunderstand that almond almond is the same with almonds used to make almond tea or almond jelly. It is apricot and apricot, not the same, and the apricot taste is very strong.

    (Photo source: Apple Daily)

    Baking almond powder Almond flour is almond-based, surface decoration and almond grain (some people say almond horns) is also, this almond flavor is not strong, and peanuts and other nuts taste less The light, nutty aroma of almonds is ideal for desserts.

    This almond cracker is made with Almond flour, a large amount of almond powder. If you can't accept the taste of Almond nuts, you can find another recipe that is more suitable for you.

    (Photo source: Amazon: Blue Diamond Gluten Free Almonds, Roasted Salted)

    Q: Can I use almond powder directly without adding flour?

    A: The almond oil content is about 50%. The water absorption is not high. Adding almond powder inside the biscuit can make the biscuit increase the nut aroma and it is more crisp.

    As for whether flour can be added or not, the use of apricot flour is theoretically possible. However, because I have not actually used it, I cannot tell whether the taste of the result will be much worse than this formula.

    Or an old saying, try it and try it boldly. If it's delicious, it's definitely a big gain. If it's not good, then at most it wastes some ingredients (or it wouldn't be wasted if you stuff it into your husband's mouth).

    Q: In addition to almond powder, what powder can be substituted?

    A: The almond shortbread is characterized by using Almond flour, a large amount of almond powder. You can try to use other nut powders, such as hazelnut powder, but almond powder should be the easiest to obtain.

    If I want to replace all the almond powder with flour, I'm sorry I haven't tried it, so I can't tell the result. After all, the properties of flour and almond powder are very poor.

    Q: What kind of almond powder is it? Sugar free?

    A: This is the almond powder I bought. It is ground with whole peeled almonds. It is sugar free.

    (Photo credit: Bob's Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour)

    Q: If no sugar powder can be replaced with sugar?

    A: powdered sugar (English: Powdered sugar, confectioner's sugar, icing sugar), is ground into a powder of sugar, because the particles are very fine and easy to agglomerate, usually contain about 3 ~ 10% of corn flour to moisture, so sweet It is lower than fine sugar.

    Generally, biscuits and fresh butter are sugar powders, which are better dissolved. The corn flour ingredients in the powdered sugar can also make the fresh butter to be quite good.

    Biscuit dough is rather dry. Using sugar powder will make the tissue more uniform than sugar. When I practiced chess and cookies, I tried to use sugar powder and fine sugar in the same formula. I obviously felt the process of using sugar powder compared to the sugar. Not sticky, biscuits are finer.

    The crispy almond cake does not rely on any kind of bulking agent such as baking powder. It is purely a protein cream. The action of mixing dry powder and protein cream is not too long to keep the air of the protein cream and avoid defoaming. Sugar powder is the best choice. If you use fine sugar, stirring for such a short time is impossible to melt.

    As for the use of fine sugar in the protein cream, there is no problem of not melting, because the process of sending the hair has melted for at least five minutes.

    Sugar powder should be bought everywhere. If you want to do it yourself, you can add 3% corn flour to the powdered sugar and pulverize it with a blender. Do not beat the powder for too long. Otherwise, the friction powder will be hot and the powdered sugar will be in the juicer. The knife under the blade can be scraped loose and then hit, just do not immediately open the fight, the white fog will fly out, wait a few minutes to let the powder fall and then open.

    The icing sugar you use is not as fine as the one you bought outside, and it is also easier to cake, so don't play too much at a time. Whether it's buying the outside or the sugar powder you beat yourself, it must be sieved before use. There is no agglomeration.

    Q: What if the oven is too small to bake all the batter? Does the batter with protein cream put too much time on it?

    A: If the structure of the protein cream is healthy, the process of waiting for the second plate should not be defoaming. I will bake in two plates at a time, and the baked plate I see in the film is the second plate.

    My approach was to bake in the first plate and the second plate was squeezed out. Waiting for 30 minutes, there was almost no defoaming (I wrote "almost" and couldn't write "completely" because I looked with the naked eye. I didn't feel defoaming, but maybe I just didn't see it.)

    When the protein cream hits the eggbeater, it can pull out the small sharp pointed corners. The protein cream shows a silky luster. If the protein cream will flow, it will not hit enough. If it becomes a cotton-like luster, it is overdone.

    Finally talk about how to make protein cream more stable:

    1. Although ice protein, ice protein, takes a long time to pass, the protein cream is relatively stable. I usually put the protein in the freezer ice, and sometimes it even freezes to the surface. , as seen in the movie

    2. Adding Tata Powder - Adding a little bit of Tata powder to the protein can increase the stability of the protein cream. Tata powder is an acidic white powder that helps the protein to kill and neutralize the protein's alkalinity. The color of the protein cream is more white than white. As for what the Tata powder is made of, the Internet search will have the answer. If I want to use it for personal choice, I will not explain it.

    3. Add lemon juice - people who do not have Tata powder can use a teaspoon of lemon juice or white vinegar instead of Tata powder, but I feel that Tata powder is better than lemon juice, lemon juice too little effect is not obvious Adding too much protein will not make it, but it will also affect the flavor. All supermarkets and general stores in the United States can buy the Cream of Tartar. I am standing for a bottle. It is very convenient to dig a bit to use it.

    4. Can I add neither Tata powder nor lemon juice? of course can! If the protein is fresh enough, sugar is added, and the same protein cream can be used successfully. If the stirring action is good enough, there is no need to worry about defoaming without adding Tata powder or lemon juice.

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    • It looks great! !

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