10 Cream Tart “Number Cakes”

Have you seen these trendy desserts floating all over social media? I’m not really sure what to call them exactly. Cream tart cakes? Cookie cakes? Number cakes? Letter cakes? I’ve seen them called everything and honestly I don’t know if ANY of these names truly capture how incredible they are. I’m thinking ‘amazing layered fruit cookie tart’ comes close? Layers of pâte sablée, a French pastry dough that is crisp and cookie-like (aka tart crust) are filled with dollops of cream and topped with a medley of fresh fruit, macarons, flowers, meringue kisses, candy and more. It’s definitely the latest dessert trend and it’s easy to see why. I first spotted these thanks to baker Adi Klinghoferon Instagram, but you’ll find them all over YouTube and Facebook as well. Just search on Instagram and you’ll see countless creations to love, including many from Adi and others whom she has inspired.

What I love most about this trend, besides its gorgeous presentation, is its flexibility. There are endless variations that can be made following this general concept. For starters, it doesn’t have to be a number shape — letters, hearts, initials, even short words work. The base layers can be the original tart crust or a traditional sugar cookie, cake layers, puff pastry — you name it. For the filling, pipe dollops of pastry cream, stabilized whipped cream or buttercream using a large open piping tip. A little smear of jam wouldn’t hurt either. Then top with your choice of beautiful, tasty toppings, stand back and enjoy! To get you started, let’s take a look at these 10 Cream Tart “Number Cakes”!

1. Let’s start with this gorgeous pink one by the talented Adi Klinghofer. It’s topped with strawberries, pink macarons, meringue kisses, purple mums and a few multicolored sprinkles. See more HERE.

2. This chocolate raspberry version by Shani’s Sweet Art has a chocolate tart base topped with chocolate diplomat cream, strawberries, raspberries, chocolate candies, macarons and flowers. See more HERE. (includes recipe and tutorial)

3. Bright tropical fruits top this vibrant twist by Yuvallaharon which includes kiwi, pitaya (aka dragon fruit), purple pitaya, mango, papaya and delicate chocolate curls. See more HERE.

4. This heart shaped version by sv_ls is sweet and simple with pink roses and heart cookies paired with pink and white meringue kisses. See more HERE.

5. A cake version of this trend by Baking With Blondie includes red velvet cake, almond cream cheese frosting with macarons, raspberries, sprinkles, and heart chocolates. See more HERE.

6. This decadent chocolate version by Adi Klinghofer not only includes a chocolate cream filling but squares of brownies mixed with raspberries and pink wrapped Hershey Kisses. See more HERE.

7. Why stop with one number or letter when you can go for initials or a short name, like Adi Klinghofer did with this one. MOM would be nice for Mother’s Day, don’t you think? See more HERE.

8. An all cake, all buttercream version of this trend by Wilton is perfect for die hard cake lovers. See more HERE. (includes tutorial)

9. This heart shaped version by Yuliya Shidlovskaya includes soft pink roses, white meringue kisses and heart cookies lightly dusted with powered sugar. See more HERE.

10. Rainbow colored fruit gives this one by Sally’s Blog a playful spin that all kids, big and little, will love. See more HERE. ( includes tutorial, in German)

If you’re interested in giving one of these a try, here is a good video tutorial and here’s another one. Enjoy!


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