Gum Paste Daisy Tutorial – Two Methods

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How to make a Gum Paste Daisy – Gumpaste Daisies – Video Tutorial

Gum paste daisy makes a great choice for a spring cake. This simple, easy and effortless tutorial shares two methods to making these spring gumpaste daisies. Whether you are a professional cake decorator or a home baker you will find this tutorial useful with tips and trick on how to use everyday items to create a stunning sugar daisy.

Nothing says spring better than daisies. The moment you see daisies everywhere you know spring is here. This wedding cake inspired by the colors of warm sunshine and blooming daisies makes a perfect spring cake. Don’t you think?

This beautiful cake looks really big and colorful but if you look closely you will realize it’s a very easy cake to make. The cake is of course airbrushed with these gorgeous colors of red, orange and yellow.

The daisy is the real star here and today I’m going to show you how I made my gum paste daisy. You will be surprised how simple and easy they are to make. I have two videos for you – The one above is hosted on my blog for those who can’t access YouTube and the YouTube video is below as well.

Gum Paste Daisy Tutorial aka Gumpaste Daisies aka Sugar Daisy


  • Daisy sugar flower cutters
  • Gumpaste (small) Rolling Pin
  • Foam pad for sugar flowers
  • Ball tool
  • PME veiner
  • Wilton silicon daisy center mold
  • Foam pads for drying or
  • semi-circle silicon baking pan

Video – Gumpaste Daisy Flower – Two methods

Cake Details

  • Cake – This is four tiers of my Classic Vanilla and Classic Chocolate Cake (from my online shop) but you can use any of my cake recipes from this blog.
  • Filling – The top tier is filled with coconut cream, the second is filled with caramel and the bottom two tiers are filled with swiss meringue buttercream.
  • Frosting – The top two tiers are frosted with Swiss meringue buttercream and the bottom tow are frosted with ganache.
  • Fondant – I have used Satin Ice fondant here but you can use any of my five different homemade fondant recipes here.

Gumpaste and Petal Dust

My gum paste recipe can be found here on my blog. You can use commercial gumpaste a well. Find one that best suits your weather conditions. I always use magic colours gels and petals dust and you can find them online in the UK or Europe.

  • Gumpaste colors – white and yellow
  • Petal Dust – Daffodil yellow, forest green, and white.


Making the petals

  • Roll gumpaste to about 1/8 thickness
  • Cut the daisy flower using one of the two methods shown in the video
  • Place the daisy on the soft foam pad and using the ball tool
  • Method One – Gently stroke each and every petal from the out towards the center. This will thin the petal as well as give it a gentle curve. Daisy petals are delicate so be gentle to avoid breakage.
  • Method Two – Using the PME veiner or the back of your paintbrush gently rock each petal sides ways this will broaden the petals giving it a more fuller look.
  • Place the flowers in a semi-circle baking pan or foam drying sponge. You want them to dry in a cupped shape with the flowers inwards.

Making the centers

  • Roll a small pea size ball of yellow gumpaste
  • Method One – use a silicon daisy center mold to make the daisy center – just press the ball in and take it out
  • Method Two – use a kitchen sieve to get the texture. Again just press the ball on the sieve
  • Place this flat textured ball in the center of the daisy.
  • Let the daisies dry well for at least 3 hours or more depending on the weather.


  • Gently dust the center of the flower with yellow petal dust (use white petal dust to lighten the intensity of the colors)
  • Mix a little yellow to the forest green and dust the edges of the centers but not on the petals.
  • It’s ok if a little dust spread towards the petals but you want to keep most of the petals white.

Steaming sugar flowers

  • It is always a great idea to steam sugar flowers before putting them on the cake. This sets the colors but also prevents excess dusting from staining the cake.
  • To steam flowers gently hold each flower over hot steam from a tea kettle (not too close to the kettle)
  • Since there is not much dust used on a daisy – I usually make an exception to the daisy and do not steam the daisy flowers.

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