Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 163!

Hello dearhearts! 

I hope today you can do one strong thing that gives you peace.  Keep it small.  I want to moisturize and get to a yoga class.  Let’s just keep today’s goals simple.  

Be well today.  Feel rested. Have a dang bagel.  Hang out here to read my offering of links for reading: 

•  Isn’t it incredible we shared the world with this human?  Stephen Hawking; his mind roamed the cosmos (The New York Times)

  STAY VOTING.  See:  Conor Lamb. (Vox)

  Well… if this doesn’t ring with deep truths.  Welcome To The Newscycle: The World’s Most Exhausting Cycling Workout.  (McSweeney’s)

•  I actually think the secret to a lot of things is to make a cake:  The Secret To Being Fully Present   (PBS)

  Ok so literally no one is normal. Yale neuroscientists debunk the idea that anyone is ‘normal’.  (Quartz)

•  This is us reading about math for a few moments:  Why Pi Matters.  The short answer is – infinity within reach… ok!? (The New Yorker)

  Welcome to New Orleans, be here always – here are some great things to know and do! (Conde Nast Traveler)

  I mean… I get one email from my internet provider claiming someone says I’ve been stealing the Internet even though I pay for it every month and I’m ready to become this guys’ roommate:  The Most Elusive Man In North America (YouTube) I’m kidding, mostly. 

  I got an early look at this new Food52 book and I think I’m finally ready for an outdoor charcoal grill:  Any Night Grilling.  I’m in it for the Grilled Corn Nachos thankyouvery much. (Amazon)

  Springtime day project:  make homemade tortillas!  (Amazon)

  The Bakehouse has a new craft workshop added to the calendar!  We’re very honored to be learning how to make paper flower Peony Blossoms with flower artist Lynn Dolan!  Join us!  (Eventbrite)

  I love these sweet little stacking rings. (Etsy)

  This mushroom hot cocoa has been part of my nighttime routine the past few nights and I’ve enjoyed it.  Another new part of my nighttime routine – this Japanese Hyaluronic Gel, I like it a lot. (Amazon)

  I made a playlist for our Spring baking adventures!  You can follow it here! 

Have the most lovely day!  I’ll see you on the flip side – aka, next week – with cookies! 

xo Joy