Let It Be Sunday, 164!

Hello sweet friends!

Are you well? I hope you’re well.

I’ve spent the weekend quietly in Austin Texas at a small blog conference keeping to myself. My Dad asked me if I was here to network and I answered him with silence because I was eating my second plate of tacos on my airbnb bed…. aka networking very hard.

I’m teaching myself how to make video content for my site. Turns out that learning involves watching a lot of YouTube videos of teenagers showing me how to work iMovie and transparent overlays. So… listen… life is full of adventure.

I’m back to New Orleans tomorrow. My mom is coming to visit and she’ll be my assistant this week at The Bakehouse. She has no idea how many petit four cakes we have to make.

I hope your day is restful. Here is my Internet offering:

• The kids are right and thank you to Teen Vogue for giving platform to these voices: Emma Gonzalez on Why This Generation Needs Gun Control. Please also see The Most Powerful Moments From March for Our Lives. There’s an image of children shrouded in white, holding up photographs of children killed in school gun violence. It stopped me in my tracks.

• My Life Since the 2012 Sandy Hook Shooting: Scarlett Lewis’s Story. (The Atlantic)

• This spread in Vanity Fair shot by Annie Leibovitz is VERY IMPORTANT. Pay attention to these words and images: Lena Waithe is Changing The Game.

• Let’s consider this worldview and its repercussions – they may be outside of our own experience: The Stop. (Undefeated)

• An incredible glimpse into the life of a really remarkable man. I mean… if someone told me I couldn’t kayak across the Atlantic Ocean I would wholeheartedly agree with them and then go eat a cheeseburger. Youfeelme? Read this: Alone At Sea. (The New York Times Magazine)

• Can you relate to this? Class Anxiety: When You Live a Different Life From Your Parents. (Cup of Jo)

• This time of year has me noticing my dusty baseboards and the cobwebs in the corners. Time for a deep clean and a closet purge. A clean-out closet checklist for Spring thanks to TheKitchn.

• I once dated a guy who had a signature scent. It was something very amber-y mixed with all the nag champa he burned in his apartment. If you’re raising an eyebrow… well, you’re right to – but I come here with no shame and to let you know that I had a great time being 28. I really appreciate a signature scent but, thanks to both indecision and laziness, I haven’t landed on mine yet. Here’s some help for me and hopefully you, too: A Guide To Finding Your Signature Scent. (The Cut)

• Maybe you’re not spending every day listening to Brandi Carlile but I’m here to tell you that you should. By The Way, I Forgive You is a beautiful heart-pulling album. (NPR)

• Because I trust what Ann Friedman recommends, I’m going to listen to this podcast series on my road trip back to New Orleans tomorrow: Five Women. (This American Life)

• If you’re getting into Easter-related egg things this week you might consider: How To Make Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs. I happen to like dying brown eggs because I think it deepens the color. And while you’re dying eggs, why not also make a quick (not really) chocolate chip brioche. (The Kitchn and Joy the Baker)

• You had me at ‘mushroom butter’. You had me at ‘salsa verde’. You had me at ‘buttery rice’. I’ll take it all. Tamar Adler on Saving the Salisbury Steak from TV-Dinner Obscurity. (NYT)

• Perfectly Crisp Mushrooms. I bet we could do this with eggplant too! (Tasting Table)

• This week marks the 1 year anniversary of my brunch book Over Easy! Do you have it? What have you made?

Have the most lovely day! I’ll be back next week with two carrot recipes for you! (They’re good… trust me!)

xo Joy

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