Beyond the Kitchen

10 Things I Do To Refresh In Spring!

We’ve all got plenty on our everyday To-Do Lists – things like, put on pants, brush teeth, don’t lock your keys in your car.  We usually nail it, we’ve gotten good at this.   Then there’s the Weekend List that’s usually a bit more fun and may or may not involve pants.  There’s also the To-Email list that is well… just deeply stressful. And the To-Dust list that we willfully ignore because of the All The Things You Can Do Besides Dust List which is suddenly very relevant every time dusting crosses our minds. 

I’m here with a new submission.  Our Springtime Is Great And WE GROWN To-Do List.  A list of things that help us feel like we’ve set ourselves up for success in this new season.  A list of things that let us know we’re independent, capable, versatile, self-caring, plant-caring, generous, and just very human humans.  

Ok?  Here’s my list. Perhaps this will resonate in your brainspace. 

1  •  Come April, my purse likely has an extra clean-ish shirt, a bag of mostly empty toiletries, an assortment of lip glosses I impulse bought, a half eaten bar of chocolate, and a weird amount of loose papers and pencils.  Springtime me says – change out your purse for the season.  Don’t buy a new one, just go into the closet and resurrect a purse you haven’t thought of in a good while. Changing out our purses will freshen our routine, our look, and will force us to clean out all of those random pen caps because gosh those get away from us fast.  With all the junk cleared, add a little something extra:  a tin of Altoids and an aromatherapy roller.  

2  •  Similarly – clean out your wallet. Remember George Castanza’s wallet?  We can do without carrying around all the paperwork and Irish money. 

3  •  I get tired of apologizing for things I just should have taken care of.  Saying ‘I’m sorry my car is a mess’ everytime someone gets in my car?  Listen… I just don’t want to do that anymore.  Clean the car.  Take 45 minutes and mostly… throw out, recycle, wipe down and WE GOOD WE GROWN.  Clean car if you’re sick of apologizing for a dirty car. If you’re not, then seriously – do you!  

4  •  One of the surest signs of successful adulthood I’ve ever known – a candle in the bathroom.  Put a new candle in the bathroom even if that means swapping out another used candle from a different part of the house.  Get a fresh scent and a fresh start in that very grown human bathroom!  

5  •  Baking related:  Buy new baking soda and baking powder for the kitchen.  I do this twice a year, in Spring and in Fall.  It’s cheap and these two ingredients are important in the kitchen.  Just do it.  Also… the baking soda we discard can be used to for all our Spring cleaning.  See? Thinkin’. 

6  •  If you’re anything like me, there are surely some dusty shelves and neglected corners around the house.  I splurge on a deep clean cleaning service  a few times a year.  It helps with things like, cleaning the fans and walls and baseboards behind the couch.  Listen… living an adult life is a whoooole thing.  I’m just trying to help. 

7  •  Plant something!  Anything small or large.  Invite something new and living into the space and watch it grow.  I’m keeping it simple with herbs and marigolds. 

8  •  Purge some books.  I find that books stack up around me quickly.  But the best part of having a book is sharing a book.  Give away books to a Free Library near you and treat yourself to a new cookbook!  I’m excited to cook through Syke McAlpine’s A Table In Venice. It’s such a gorgeous book! 

9  •  Good sunscreen and a brimmed hat are my anti-aging strategies so get a hat and carry a scarf in the purse for extra coverage.  I don’t like getting caught in the sun without protection.  Girl Scout- style. Be prepared.  

10  •  Revisit your New Year’s Resolutions.  Um… remember those!? Spring is a good time to refresh those intentions with compassion for yourselves.  We’re doing great.  Let’s just remember our notes to ourselves. 

I hope this list helps you continue to thrive.  What do you to do refresh this time of year?  I’d love your suggestions, too!

Be well.  

More soon!

xo J