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A birdcage cake makes a fun cake for a vintage celebration such as a 50th or 60th milestone. This vintage birdcage cake tutorial shares how to make this cake simple, easy and effortlessly with detailed instructions, the recipes as well as a video tutorial from start to finish. Use my tips to ensure you have a perfect flawless cake whether you have a beginner or advanced cake decorating skill level.

I made this beautiful birdcage cake and was quite happy with how it turned out. The cake was very well received and such a joy to make. I also managed to make a video on how to make a birdcage cake. It has been on my list of requested tutorials for a long time now.

The cake is time-consuming and can take a few hours to make so if you have an order for a birdcage cake I highly recommend you plan ahead of time. Those black bars are one of elements that can be a test of time as well as patience. So deep breaths. (not so bad but it’s at the end and I was kinda getting anxious to finish the cake)

Video – Birdcage Cake Tutorial

Birdcage Cake Tutorial / How to make a birdcage cake

You will need

  • Three layers of cake stacked on one cake circle plus one dome /half circle cake on one cake circle.
  • Today I have used my moist strawberry cake. You can see the video and full recipe on this blog. You will need one and a half of that recipe for this birdcage cake
  • A larger cake boardto put the birdcage cake on as well.
  • I’ve used my velvet American buttercream. If you live in a hot and humid weather you may prefer t use chocolate ganache instead.
  • This is my marshmallow fondant recipe but you can use any of my five fondant recipes on this blog here. I used about 1 kg fondant for this cake.
  • Airbrush colors – I used turquoise and metallic blue
  • Metallic Gold – You can also use metallic silver
  • Fondant /Clay extruder
  • The Basics – rolling pins, cornstarch pouch, ruler, pizza wheel, knife, brushes.


Prepare cake

  • Bake cakes cool completely.
  • Torte and stack three cake layers on one cake board using frosting of your choice. Use a leveler to make sure the cake is leveled.
  • Do the same with the dome – on its own cake board with frosting.
  • Chill the cakes well the dowel and stack the dome on top.

Measure and divide the cake

  • Measure the height of the cake – mine was 10 inches tall
  • Decide how much you need for the dome and how tall you want the cylinder to be
  • I divided the height as 6 inches for the cylinder and 4 inches for the dome.

Cover the cake with fondant

  • Roll about 600 grams of fondant into a long strip measuring the height of the cake cylinder. (6 inches)
  • Roll and unroll the fondant as shown in the video.
  • Cut excess – by overlapping the fondant. The seams can be hidden in this cake so don’t worry too much
  • Next, roll more 400 grams of fondant into a circle – cover the dome.
  • Cut excess with a scissor first then use an exact-o blade or sharp knife to trim the top fondant flush with the edge of the bottom fondant.
  • Smooth the whole cake again with a fondant ball or smoother.

Measure and mark the cake

  • Measure the circumference of the cake – then divide that into 5 (mine was 22 inches = 4.4 inch each)
  • Mark the cake on the bottom circumference at every XXX (measure you got after dividing) (4.4 for my cake)
  • Then mark the cake on the top circumference –
  • Draw a line from the bottom to the top at each mark. This will be where you place the rods

Airbrush the cake

  • Decide which two complimenting colors you want the cake to be in – I used turquoise and metallic blue
  • Airbrush a light coating of the first color.
  • Highlight the dividing lines with the second color.
  • Add more shades as you go to create a vintage look.

Decorate the cake.

  • Use a border mold or similar and cut the exact measurements you got above (4.4 for my cake)
  • Make 10 of these and place them on the cake as shown in the video – using water to stick
  • Use an extruder and ivory or similar color to extrude long ropes.
  • You will need enough to make the first rods around the cake as shown in the video.
  • Use the extruder again with the spaghetti disc to make the black bars. You want them thin and long
  • These are delicate so work slowly and carefully. You need water to stick them to the cake but too much water will smear the airbrushed cake and leave black marks.
  • So very carefully place them in place. Making sure you secure them because these can fall off when dried if they are not stuck to the cake.
  • Use metallic dust with vodka to paint the gold elements on the cake.
  • Lastly, make a door for the cage. I made this one freehand but, you can use any of your templates from online or fine cutters in your toolkit that helps cut the desired shape.
  • Watch the video to make the bird free hand. You can also look for a bird silicon mold.
  • Don’t forget to decorate the cake board – I kept mine simple with white fondant.

And voila..!! you have a Birdcage Cake – hope you liked this birdcage cake tutorial. If you do let me know in the comments below. I love getting feedback, positive or constructive.

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